Welcome to the channeled messages of Amma the Divine Mother

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From Cathy Chapman, Amma’s Messenger

Many who have read Amma’s messages in The Sedona Journal of Emergence¬†have asked for a WEB site that collects teachings she has given. The information on this site does come from the messages I receive from Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God.

I trust the information here will be beneficial to you in some way.

If you would like to know a little more about me, here is an article I wrote for The Sedona Journal of Emergence about how I became a channel for Amma the Divine Mother one of the more fantastic surprises in my life.

For additional information on what I do as a psychotherapist, please go to www.OdysseyToWholeness.com.

Blessings to you!!
Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.


A message from Amma
the Divine Mother

Dear one, I welcome you and extend my love to you whether you arrived here intentionally or by accident. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I am your mother. You grew in my womb before you grew within the human womb that bore you.

I am the energy of the feminine aspect of that which you call God. I am not embodied in any one person. There are those who claim to embody me, and they do. There are those who claim to channel me, and they do. You may embody me and you may channel me.

No one of my children is any more or any less than any other of my children. All have varying gifts and all use those gifts to varying degrees. The only limitation to tapping into and using the power, the gifts, within you is this thing you call fear.

This one I am speaking through (Cathy Chapman) is simply a channel for me. She is no more special than you are. I have given her certain information. You, yourself, may go into the deepness of your heart and ask for and receive messages from me. What you will find here are messages I’ve given her to share with whoever finds their way to them.

I surround you and fill you with love.