Balancing for Empaths and Sensitives

If you have a difficult time in crowds, feel the energy of others easily, and are affected by what's happening in the world, your empathic sensitivity could be making life difficult for you.

Strengthen your Energy Field to Avoid Taking on the Energy of Others!

Your Energy Field will be adjusted to allow love energy to enter and fear, anger and other lower vibration energies to be repelled...
  • Avoid taking on the fear of others...
  • Avoid taking on the anger of others...
  • Protect yourself from "mob" energy...
  • Places a rich protective structure around you...
  • Simple tools for you to use...

Spend an Hour with Me to Strengthen Your Energy Field and Prevent the Energy from Everyone Else Affecting You

No need to protect yourself. The only requirement is to strengthen.

Amma guides and directs

Amma the Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God. She and Abba, Father God, are the creative forces of The Universe. Amma shares with me strategies to assist you (and me, too) in handling the energies of the planet.

Works with your Encodements

Your Encodements are your smallest energy structures. They make up everything, even molecules. This workshop, called an Encodement Intensive, joins amazing Spiritual Beings to co-create with you the strengthening of your energy field.

A process you can use repeatedly

You will receive a transcript of the Intensive, as well as a recording. With these tools you will be able to repeat the Encodement Intensive as often as needed for a stronger energy field quickly and easily.

You work with the creative process

You will work with your Healing Team, Angels and Guides, Spiritual Support System and your Soul Self to co-create your energy field. You are an active part of the process while you allow your Healing Team to adjust your energy field.


How it works: Be Open, Listen, Allow

You don't need to know anything... just allow.
There is much discord in the world. Technology allows you to be more connected to the emotions, thoughts and activities of others. You become more susceptible to taking on the energy of the fears, anxieties and and worries of others. This can cause discord in your own life.

After this Encodement Intensive you will be more able to be in the world but not caught up in the discord of the world.

You will:

  • Receive an additional energetic layer within the third layer of your aura.
  • Remove the energies of others which weaken you
  • Discover the power of your intention
  • Release low vibration energy which is attracting other low vibration energy
  • Learn properties of your aura most people don't know

Join live or listen to or watch the calls. All are powerful.

You can simply read the transcript if you wish.
Don't worry if you can't be on the call or you missed the call. You have access to:
~ Video

The work done is inter-dimensional.This means we address influences from this lifetime, other lifetimes and spiritual energies as well.

Even if you listened to this Encodement Intensive 100 years frrom now, it would still be in present time for you.

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Register now to strengthen your energy field and avoid taking on the energies of others


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