Body Image and Weight

Encodement Intensive to
Balance Body Image
and Inhibitions to
Ideal Weight

I know of very few people who don't have issues with either their body image or attaining their ideal weight.

Our society led by a masculine marketing perspective, demands that women have a body which is impossible to have without photoshopping.

You're body is beautiful. Mine is beautiful. We just have a very difficult time believing that over those who tell us otherwise.

Most people believe ideal weight issues have to do with weighing too much. There are those who struggle with putting enough weight on their body. Those who struggle with too much weight have a tendency to minimize this problem.

The goal of this Encodement Intensive is to assist you in balancing your encodements so that you will love your body as it is and assist you achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

Some of what we will address:

Society's false beliefs you have taken on
Familial beliefs which are not supportive
Body image issues
Relationship to food
Release of wounds inhibiting you moving to ideal weight
Encodements and beliefs affecting your body image
Past life issues such as starvation, drought, war
Familial issues regarding food, nutrition, comfort and love
Genetic and inter-dimensional issues

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For 47.00 you receive:

  • A call you can listen to repeatedly. Each time you listen the Encodement work will go deeper and deeper
  • the handout
  • the transcript

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