Optimize Your Brain

There is so much which can affect your brain.

You are eating, drinking and breathing toxins. If you swim you are swimming in them.

Toxins are the result of our industrial age. You can't get away from them.

Then there are head injuries from mild bumps to all out trauma.

Let's not forget stress, depression, anxiety and just being overwhelmed (stress again).

When something goes wrong with your brain, you change in ways making you unrecognizable.

Your personality changes.

Your memory gets lost.

Hormones go wacky  (technical term, here).

Your balance and movement are off.

Any number of  emotional, mental, physiological and physical problems can develop.

During this intensive we're going to do Encodement work on the following:

Integrate all lobes of the brain
Integrated all levels of the brain
Integrated spinal column with brain
Integrate peripheral nervous system
Work with neuro-transmitters
Work with hormones which begin in brain
Address generational influences
And much more

Those who attended live reported the intensity of the session literally made their heads spin.

You'll connect with the Encodement Technicians and spend a little more than an hour focusing on the brain and the nervous system.

You'll receive:

 A Handout
A Transcript
An mp3 file to download to your computer or mp3 player

Your investment is only 47.00.

You may pay by credit card or Pay Pal. Just click the button below or email me at  if you prefer to send a check.