Are You Ready to Improve Your
Powers of Discernment
and Expand Spiritually?

You have within you the power to tell the difference between

  • Good and evil
  • People who are emotionally healthy and those who are not
  • Spirits of Light and spirits of darkness
  • Decisions which are best for you and decisions which are harmful
  • What part of the problem is yours and what part is someone else's

This ability is called Discernment:

  1. The ability to make good decisions
  2. To obtain spiritual understanding without judgment

The ability to have good discernment affects every area of your life.

The primary use is to discern between truth and error.

We humans have wonderful gifts and talents. We also have the ability to fool ourselves into doing or believing something which is not true or not good for us.

Discernment does involve your intuition. The more you strengthen the skill of intuition, the better will be your discernment.

Discernment also requires the gathering of information. You need to know who to go to or what information to gather to "feed" your discernment in a healthy manner.

Your discernment ability can be muddied by:

Past wrong decisions
Family experiences
Religious upbringing
Negative ego

This Encodement Intensive addressed these and other issues which can interfere your discernment.

We worked with Encodements from this, past and future lifetimes.

We also worked with parallel lives as well as various dimensions.

Each time you listen to the recording you will move to greater clarity in your discernment powers.

You will receive the mp3, handout and transcript.

The cost is only 47.00, credit card, Pay Pal or check. If you wish to pay by check please email me at  Cathy@OdysseyToWholeness.com

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Encodement Intensive Discernment