Dissolving Curses

Dissolving Curses

There are two kinds of curses. We're going to work with the easiest to dissolve.

The "easy" ones to dissolve are the most common. They are the ones given by people who don't know how to do "formal" curses. The formal curses are the most difficult to remove as they are very complex.

Let's talk about the ordinary curses.

These are the ones that happen regularly. Someone may tell you "to go to hell," or make a declaration such as "you're stupid." These "ordinary" curses are the negative comments you make about yourself and others, and others make about you.

The severity of the curse depends upon the energy or emotion behind it.

For instance, if you say, "Go to hell" filled with anger, rage or hatred, the energy of that statement will move right into the other person's energy field. It lodges where ever the individual is most weak.

You can be cursed by anyone, even by institutions. Religious and polical institutions place numerous curses on people. When a religious leader tells you you are a sinner or you are damned to hell, that's a curse. When a political leader says something negative about a group you're in, that's a curse.

"Formal" curse are done through rituals. Some of them are easy to eliminate. Others are very complex and difficult to eliminate. Unfortunately I know that from personal experience working with people who have been cursed.

This intensive addressed the following areas:

From others
From yourself
Soul and Monadic Family
And whatever Amma comes up with

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