Encodement Intensive on the Third Flame

A Special 7-Part Series for Ascension: An In-depth Balancing and Clearing of Each of the Seven Sacred Rays
NOW: The Pink Ray of Love and Creative Active Intelligence
Healing. Expansion. Ascension.
Prepare to Leave the Wheel of Incarnation by Discovering Love in a way you probably never knew... as Active Intelligence... the requirement for Manifestation

Love as You've Never Known It

Most of what we know about Love is related to relationships. What if love is so much more than relationship? Love is the creative force in the Universe. How about integrating that within you!

Pink Flame
The 2017 Wesak Festival grounded the Pink Flame energy of Creative and Active Intelligence. These energies will be more deeply integrated into your energy during this month of exploration and expansion..

Accessing Lifetimes
You have access to a wealth of knowledge you have gained over lifetimes. You have also carried challenges over from other times. We will gather what you need and release what you don't.

Weekly Messages
Each week you will receive channeled messages from those who assist with the Pink Sacred Flame. You will hear from Chohan Paul the Venetian, Archangels Chamuel and Charity, the Elohim and the Elders of the Third Ray.

Create Your Ascended Life by...
  • Setting your intention to remove the blocks to abiding the Will of God
  • Open yourself to the spiritual practice you need
  • Move into alignment with the power of the Pink Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence
  • Integrate more deeply the energy of manifestation
  • Tapping into the Ascension Energy to "remind" yourself of who you are
  • Activation of the Power of the Love You Are

The Power and Attributes of the Third Ray

You can do a google search and find different information about the Rays. One resource highly regarded talks about the Third Ray being about Love. After all, it is the Pink Ray. Other respected sources say the Third Ray is about Active Intelligence.

Love is from which you were made. Love is the substance of God, or Love Itself. It was Love with the quality of Active Intelligence which created all you behold. The Third Ray or the Third Sacred Flame will assist activating the ability to broaden your perspective and creative energies yet unused.

  • Co-creative skills
  • Tolerance
  • Forbearance
  • Unity
  • Culture
Let's talk about Ascension
Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, tells us that on of the "courses" we must complete to achieve Ascension is integrating the Third Sacred Flame, the Pink Ray. With the Pink Flame we learn of the creative power of Love in a way few are aware of. Love is Active. Love is Intelligent.
image-photographyDo you look forward to moving into the 5th Dimension as much as I do? I'm sure you do. We all want to have an easier and more Joyful life. We want loving and intimate relationships. We want to manifest the Law of Attraction in every area of our lives.

I came across a book I know that Amma put in my hands. She arranged for me to stay in a special home in Sedona. The host invited me to a meditation which sent me soaring. I purchased the book and Amma began speaking to me. She was telling me how to apply what she's been teaching about Encodements to facilitate the Power of the Seven Rays.

Last year, we did what I now know as a general Encodement Intensive on integrating and balancing the 7 Rays within us. We are now going to balance and heal the relationship to each of the 7 Rays. That means we will have seven different Encodement Intensives over the next months.

Ascension requires the mastery of each of the 7 Rays. Once we master the Rays, we will be able to petition for Ascension.

We'll work with each Ray on the Day of the week it is strongest.

All Rays flood the planet each day but the energy of one Ray is predominant each day.
  • Sunday: The Yellow Ray of Wisdom, Illumination and the Mind of God.
  • Monday: The Royal Blue Ray of the Will of God.
  • Tuesday: The Rose-Pink Ray of the Divine Love of God.
  • Wednesday: The Emerald Green Ray of the Divine Flame of Healing.
  • Thursday: The Golden Ray of the Resurrection Flame.
  • Friday: The White Ray of Purity of the Ascension Flame.
  • Saturday: The Penetrating Violet Ray of Transmutation and Freedom

All is ready for you to begin delving deeply into the Third Ray of Love and Active Intelligence

The Recordings Are Ready
The Transcripts Are Ready
It's All Ready for You

I want you to have the greatest benefit from this series. In addition to receiving all recordings (audio and video) and the transcript, you will also receive channeled messages from the chohan, archangels, Elohim and Elders of the Third Ray.
For a comprehensive study of all the Rays, plus 2 free Encodement Intensives, click below for more information.


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