Encodement Intensive on the Fifth Flame

Are You Ready to Work with the Green Ray of Healing and Truth?
This will be a Journey of Healing through Acknowledging the Truth.
Healing. Expansion. Ascension.
Prepare to Leave the Wheel of Incarnation by Activating the Green Ray of Healing through Truth Removing Limitations and Blocks to Ascension

Healing on All Levels

To Ascend into the reality of the Spiritual Being you are, you must raise your vibration. This happens when you release the old wounds, the old beliefs, the old pain. Working with the Green Flame of Healing will assist you in healing wounds of the past in all lifetimes. Healing will be facilitated in all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

Green Flame
This Encodement Intensive will balance and repair Encodements which are holding in the pain of the past. You will also experience the power of various Encodement Plug-ins, one of which will install beliefs to support you on your journey. These will replace the beliefs which have sabotaged your healing.

Work with Hilarion
Hilarion, the chohan of the Fifth Ray, the Green Ray of Healing. His loving assistance will guide you to a place of deep healing. That is what he wants. That is his mission in life. He knows your struggles as a human as he had those same struggles. Release what is causing you pain and recognize yourself as Love Incarnate.

Weekly Messages
Each week following the Encodement Intensive you will receive channeled messages from those who assist with the Green Flame. You will hear from Chohan Helarion , Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, the Elohim Cyclopia and Virginia and the Elders Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia of the Fifth Ray.

Create Your Ascended Life by...
  • Allowing the revelation of where you need healing
  • Open yourself to the Will of God in your life
  • Allow the Green Flame to bring deep healing to you on every level
  • Heal that which prevents you from living life from a place of JOY
  • Open your heart to the truth of who you and others are
  • Consciously live within the Love of God

The Effects of the Fifth Ray

There are Seven Rays or Sacred Flames which begin your journey to Ascension. The Fifth Ray is often called the Ray of Healing. Hilarion, the chohan of the 5rh Ray was a scientist. He worked with science to bring healing.

Do not equate the science of the Fifth Ray with the science you know today in the medical field. With the Fifth Ray you will come to know science in a different way. It is the science of Truth. Acknowledging the Truth in any situation reverberates through your energy. When that acknowledgment breaks through the un-truth you have been living, Healing occurs.

  • Cleansing of the Aura
  • Receive a Companion from the Retreat in Luxor
  • Expansion of your essence in the Light
  • Be gifted with opportunities for Growth
  • Work with the frequencies of Harmony and Balance
  • Express Joy in ALL situations
  • Tap into your Soul's Essence
Let's talk about Ascension
Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, tells us that one of the "courses" we must complete to achieve Ascension is to come to healing by acknowledging and living the truth. The Green Flame continues the purification which is part of each Ray. Few of us realize the deep purification and healing which occurs when we live our truth and recognize the truth in our past.
image-photographyDo you look forward to moving into the 5th Dimension as much as I do? We all want an easier and more Joyful life. We want loving and intimate relationships. We want to manifest the Law of Attraction in every area of our lives.

I came across a book Amma put in my hands. She arranged for me to stay in a home in Sedona with a special host. He invited me to a meditation which sent me soaring. Amma began speaking to me about studying the Rays. She told me to apply her teachings about Encodements and facilitate the Power of the Seven Rays.

Last year, we did a general Encodement Intensive on integrating and balancing the 7 Rays. Now you have the opportunity to balance, heal and integrate each of the 7 Rays. This involves seven different Encodement Intensives, including 4 messages from the spiritual beings who assist with the Rays.

Ascension requires the mastery of each of the 7 Rays. Once we master the Rays, we will be able to petition for Ascension. Are you with me?

The initial Encodement Session with be on the Day of the week that particular Ray is strongest.

All Rays flood the planet each day but the energy of one Ray is predominant each day.
  • Sunday: The Yellow Ray of Wisdom, Illumination and the Mind of God.
  • Monday: The Royal Blue Ray of the Will of God.
  • Tuesday: The Rose-Pink Ray of the Divine Love of God.
  • Wednesday: The Emerald Green Ray of the Divine Flame of Healing.
  • Thursday: The Golden Ray of the Resurrection Flame.
  • Friday: The Crystalline Ray of Purity of the Ascension Flame.
  • Saturday: The Penetrating Violet Ray of Transmutation and Freedom

On Wednesday, November 6 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time we will be working with the Fifth Ray, The Flame of Healing and Truth.

I want you to have the greatest benefit from this series. In addition to receiving all recordings (audio and video) and the transcript. This includes the channeled messages from the chohan, archangels, Elohim and Elders of the Fifth Ray.

This is a tremendous value at an introductory rate. I will be raising the price for this Intensive to $97 within a week after the intensive is held.

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