EI Handling Conflict


Do You Handle Conflict in a Healthy and Appropriate Manner?

The way you handle conflict affects your relationships as well as your sense of self.
  • When you attack a wall is formed..
  • When you run away nothing is resolved...
  • When you withdraw you become unreachable...
  • When you withhold love you cause pain...
  • When you give in you lose part of yourself...





Release and Heal the Wounds Which Have You Responding to Conflict in Ways Which Cause Conflict and Separation

About This Encodement Intensive...

Amma guides and directs me

Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, shares with us Encodement and healing strategies to assist us in handling handling conflict in a healthy manner. She gives me the instructions to give your Healing Team.

Works with your Encodements

Your Encodements are your smallest energy structures. They make up everything, even molecules. In this Encodement Intensive, the Encodement Technicians will guide us in removing the energy which is blocking us from handling conflict in a healthy manner.

A process you can use repeatedly

You will receive a transcript of the Intensive, as well as a recording. With these tools you will be able to repeat the Encodement Intensive as often as needed to release additional layers of wounds and pain interfering with using conflict to form healthy relationships.

You work with the your Healing Team

You will work with your Healing Team, Angels and Guides, Spiritual Support System and your Soul Self to remove the Artificial Encodements, repair the damaged and altered Natural Encodements, and to heal the wounds which make conflict emotionally difficult.


Resolving Conflict: Be Open, Listen, Allow

Conflict begins with the triggering of past wounds.
Every relationship is going to have disagreement. That disagreement usually leads to conflict. Depending upon how you and the other person handle the emotions, the conflict and result in a stronger relationship or greater separation.

When disagreement escalate into greater separation, past hurts and wounds are involved. For there to be peace upon the planet there must be peace between individuals.

After this Encodement Intensive you will be more able to remain in your Heart Source during times of conflict. This allows you to feel better about yourself as you are able to utilize your personal power.

Be more peaceful.
Be happier.
Be calmer.

  • Heal the wounds which are triggered when conflict occurs
  • Remove the fear which has you retreating, emotionally withdrawing, or come out swinging
  • Change the Encodements which form a brain pattern locking you into an unhealthy pattern when conflict presents itself.
  • Remove the energy of fear and anger of others projected into you when emotions run high
  • Strengthen your relationships

Join live or listen to or watch the calls. All are powerful.

You can simply read the transcript if you wish.
Don't worry if you can't be on the call or you missed the call. You have access to:
~ Video

The work done is inter-dimensional.This means we address influences from this lifetime, other lifetimes and spiritual energies as well.

Even if you listened to this Encodement Intensive 100 years frrom now, it would still be in present time for you.


Everything is ready for you.
You'll receive transcripts, audio and video.


Register now to heal and change your Encodement System so conflict can strengthen relationships rather than harm them.


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