In Sedona!



There will be two different events back to back. You may attend one or both.

HealingIntensive Healing Weekend

September 30 - October 2, 2016 

Limited to 5 People 

You will need to arrive September 29 and Leave October 3...
Unless you stay over for the "You're The Healer" workshop beginning on October 3 and ending October 5 in the evening.

This will be a three-day workshop in Sedona limited to five people.

Each person will receive an individual half-hour healing session with me each day. That means you will receive 3 30-minute healing sessions with me over the three days.

This idea popped into my head a few weeks ago. (I wonder who put it there?)  


  1. You will begin the morning with a group meditation and healing session.
  2. You will end the day with a group meditation and healing session.
  3. Sometime during the day you will have a personal healing session with me.
  4. The rest of the day you will be on your own for meditation and reflection. You may hike, journal, swim or do other relaxing things.


The offering of appreciation for this Healing Weekend is $497. Food, lodging and transportation is on your own.

To Register for this Healing Weekend click on the "Buy" button to the right.  

You may stay over and attend this advanced healing workshop on Encodements. This is especially for those who want to be Code Coaches.


You\'re the HealerYou're the Healer

October 7- October 9 2016

You will need to be here and ready to go by 9:00 am October 7 and leave no earlier than 6:00 pm October 9

limited to 12 unless I find a different place to have the class

This three-day class in Sedona is an experiment.

This class will ultimately be part of the Code Coach Certification, but you do not have to take the Code Coach Level I to take this class.

To be certified as a Code Coach you will need to take the Level I Code Coach Training.

The experiment is seeing whether taking the class without doing Code Coach Level I works well. If it does, people who are not interested in being a Code Coach but are interested in developing their skills as a healing facilitator will be able to take this class.

If you take the online class beginning June 26 you will have an excellent foundation for this class.
We will discuss and explore:

  1.  Muscle testing & dousing
  2. Working with pain and discomfort in the body
  3. Working with and balancing causes of dis-ease
  4. Establishing your healing sanctuary in the back of your heart center
  5. The interrelationship between the body and the energy field
  6. Working with a Soul Contract
  7. Healing the "spaces in between"

This class will be a combination of lecture, channeling and hands-on work.

The offering of appreciation for this class is $497. Food and lodging is on your own.

To purchase You're the Healer please click on the buy button to the right.  


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