Healing Abuse

Healing the Energy of Abuse

Everyone has experienced abuse on some level.

Some people have experienced more severe abuse than most.

There are several types of abuse:


All abuse is a misuse of power. It also damages one of the most precious and fragile energies between people, the energy of trust. When trust is damaged, the love between people is also damaged.

If you are the abused you often begin to wonder what is so wrong with you that someone would do that horrendous thing to you.

If you are the abuser you are filled with guilt and shame. If you don't experience guilt or shame you are in such denial, often hidden by anger.

The Encodement Intensive to Remove the Energy of Abuse is a long one. It took us two hours to go through.

When you listen to the recording you will release abuse from:

Parents and Care Givers
Educational Institutions
Religious Institutions
Governmental Institutions
Significant Others
As Abuser
As Abused
Release of Dark Energies

You deserve to be freed from abuse energies. When would now be a good time?

The investment is 47.00 by Pay Pal or credit card.

If you wish to pay by check, please contact me atCathy@OdysseyToWholeness.com