Immune System

Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Immune System?

Your Immune System is what keeps all the microbes in balance. When they are out of balance it manifests as an illness.

You have all manner of microbes in you. If you knew the names of them you might be horrified. As long as your body is balanced and your immune system is strong, you will have no problems.

Few people realize that cancer cells develop in the body frequently. With a strong immune system your body knocks out those cells which are growing abnormally.

Your immune system is governed by:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Sleep
  3. Genetics
  4. Beliefs
  5. Stress

... to name a few.

In this Encodement Intensive we did Encodement work on:

Subconscious programming
Low vibrations being released in dreams
Interdimensional issues
... and much more.

The recordings and handouts are ready for you. You'll receive the link to the Encodement Intensive Balancing Your Immune System as soon as your payment is processed.

Download the recordings and handouts to balance on a deeper level every time you listen.

The energy exchange of this Encodement Intensive is 47.00. You may pay by Pay Pal, Credit Card or Check (just email if you wish to pay by check or money order.

Why don't you start improving your immune system today?