Increase Intuition

Isn't It Time to Optimize Your Intuition and
Improve Your Psychic Senses?

Whether you call it your gut feeling, inner knowing or intuition, there is that part of yourself communicating with you every minute of every day. All you need to do is listen.

The problem comes when you don't pay attention to what your inner knowing is saying or you doubt the information you're receiving.

There are those times you thought you were acting according to intuition and  the result seemed disastrous.

You begin to wonder about yourself and your abilities.

This Group Encodement Intensive will:

Remove blocks in your chakras
Remove blocks in your aura
Remove blocks in other parts of your energy field
Remove family prohibitions to intuition
Remove societal prohibitions to intuition
Remove fears coming from past lives
Balance parallel, past, future and interdimensional lives
Activate all encodements for intuition
Align you with guides to assist with intuition

This Group Encodement Intensive is ready for you in audio. Also available is the handout and transcript.

Information to access this powerful Group Encodement Intensive will be  sent to you after you register for the price of $47.00.

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