Integrating the 5th Dimension

We are moving into the 5th Dimension. The vibrations of the energies coming into the planet are raising our vibrations. Below are the e-mail I sent out to explain what we would do during this intensive.

Message 1

The energy keeps flooding the planet giving you opportunities to clear the low vibration energy from your own energy field. Sometimes it just hasn't been fun, has it?  Emotions, memories and "issues" you thought you had dealt with keep surfacing. You may have just been through what I've been through, an illness which knocked your socks off and left you feeling weak and energetically lighter. 

What a paradox it is to be ill, and then when the illness is over, to feel lighter and cleansed.  That's part of what is happening during this time of raising the vibration of the planet.  Of course, you are part of raising the vibration of the planet. 

The cleansing is happening to you, to your family, to your country and to the whole planet.  That's why things are in such chaos, such disarray, such turmoil. You have the advantage of knowing how to release the chaos which is part of your life. Few people do because they haven't yet been awakened. 

You have been awakened. You know there are things you can do other than lash out in anger or stay mired in sadness and despair. You know, even if it hasn't made it deep within your heart, that the most powerful energy in the world is Love. You are struggling to be the Love that you are as we all are. You are seeking, you are searching, you are doing everything you can to be who it is you were created to be. 

These Group Encodement Intensives are designed to assist you in releasing the pain, trauma, fears, anxieties and limiting patterns of behavior and belief. This is what you have that most of the world does not have. You have a spiritual connection and know that Spirit is there to assist you in being all you can be. 

You may order the Intensive and pay be either credit card or check. The investment is $49 for this powerful Intensive. Click the image below.