Make It Easier to Move into the 5th Dimension

Move More Easily into the 5th Dimension

You know the energies are flooding the planet.

It seems worse at times because all the low vibration energy is coming to the surface.

Our communication technology allows us to learn about what is happening in the world instantaneously.

This is uplifting when you can see pictures and videos of your children's achievements, warm fuzzing animal stories and the latest discovery of someone with amazing talent.

The bringing the low vibration to the surface is painful when it is in you and those you love.

It's disheartening when you see death, destruction and non-caring in the world.

The dark must be revealed by the light.

The low vibration must be surfaced and released so there is room for the high vibration energies coming into the planet.

Let's Make It Easier

Amma has given us the powerful information to work with the Encodement Technician to adjust our Encodement System so we can more easily expand into the 5th Dimension.

Your encodements are set for a 3-D world, as is your DNA.

Hiding within your DNA is your crystalline structure which activates what others call your psychic gifts.

If you've ever read The Life and Teaching of the Master's of the Far East, you know what I'm talking about.


(You can click on the book if you would like to order it. You can get all 6 volumes or order one volume at a time. I would suggest the first 3 volumes.)

As you read these books you will see the amazing gifts and talents these masters have.

We all have the potential to have this experiences.

This series of Encodement Intensives is to assist you in expanding more easily into the 5th dimension.

I had to divide it into three different intensives...

I started out with just one Encodement Intensive, the one on Integrating the Rays 1-7.

Then I was guided to do an Intensive removing the impediments we have to becoming closer to Spirit.

The third Encodement Intensive assists in integrating Rays 8-24.

Rays 1-7

The Rays are similar to the rainbow of colors you see on the wall when light comes through a prism.

The Light is refracted through each one of us. We each carry an aspect of that Light which is identified using the metaphor of the rays.

The first ray is blue, the second yellow and the third pink. There are also the colors white, green, purple and gold and violet.

Each ray has a specific focus.

The first ray is of power as well as faith, protection, will and strength.

The seventh ray is of freedom.

In this Encodement Intensive you will:

  • Integrate each color
  • Remove blocks to the focus of each ray
  • Remove impediments to communication with the chohans of each ray
  • Do all of this with your Soul Family and Monadic Family
  • Will have your angels, guides and many spiritual beings join you.

The Encodement Intensive on Integrating Rays 1-7 is the first one. paypal_group_03

Removing Blocks to Relationship with Source/God

As much spiritual work as you have done, you may wonder why you would need to have an Encodement Intensive to remove blocks keeping you from fully joining Source.

Most souls have a far reaching resentment going back to when you first separated from the Oneness as an individual soul.

Yes, this was voluntary and you agreed to it. You didn't know how hard it would be. None of us did.

Over the lifetimes you have been persecuted, betrayed and punished in the name of God.

Many feel God can't be trusted due to losses and trauma's which have occurred.

It's time to heal these wounds.

It is difficult to join the Oneness if you resent the Oneness!

Amma suggests this Encodement Intensive before the next, but you may, of course choose them in the order you feel motivated.



Integrating Rays 8-24

You will continue the integration of the Rays in this Encodement Intensive.

We work with the higher level rays which are beginning to come onto the planet.

These Rays will continue your expansion and increase your vibration.

You will continue to activate the previous inactive DNA as well as installing Encodements for the Higher Vibration Rays.

You continue to do this with your Soul and Monadic Family.

To complete this process of facilitating your integration to the 5th Dimension, you'll want this Encodement Intensive.



I encourage you to take advantage of these Encodement Intensives.

Each one contains a recording, handout and transcript.

You may use your credit card or Pay Pal to order.

Rays 1-7 paypal_group_03Removing Blocks to Relationship with God



Rays 8-24