Opening Creativity

Opening the natural creativity within you...

Yes, You Are Creative!
Let's Bring It Forward

Everyone, including you, is able to be creative. I know women who don't think their creative at all but always look stylish. They're not at all like me who asked have someone tell them that those colors don't match.

Others are creative in the "traditional" way. These are your artists, musicians and writers. Also included in this category can be actors and actresses, set designers, interior designers, even gardeners.

We have a tendency to judge our creativity against someone else's creativity. You may not be of the caliber of van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night," or even a Pablo Picasso. You probably won't compose something like Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

That doesn't mean you're not creative.

You are creative. You have to be creative in the way that you manage life's events. It takes creativity to juggle family schedules, developed programs, get our your kitchen utensils stored orderly, even find your ways around where you live.

Your most creative people are tapped into their intuition. They follow the images in their mind and those that surface in their dreams. They take chances to try something they hadn't done before and whatever it is they are doing.

In this Encodements Intensive on Creativity, we will have the intention to open up your energy field, thoughts, feelings and intuition to looking at life in a new creative way.

We will work with your Encodements Technicians in the following areas:

  • messages your family may have given you
  • beliefs which limit your creativity
  • the integration of all parts of your brain
  • your fears and anxieties about being judged
  • past times you may have been made fun of
  • any past or future life issues
  • interdimensional issues
  • generational influences
  • childhood wounds
  • and much, much more

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