Primary Teachings of Amma

Primary Teachings

You Are Love Incarnate

Since December of 2003, Ive channeled Amma the Divine Mother. Her message has always been about love. We were created from love. We are love. We are love incarnate. As we live here on this wonderful planet, we are simply exploring how to come back into the knowing that we are infinite beings, love incarnate. continue

Living from Heart Center

Amma has often said in various ways that if we only did one thing to assist us in our lives, that one thing would be living from the heart center. From our heart center we are able to stay centered and grounded… continue

Pillar of Light and Michael's Sword

Shortly before Amma began teaching about encodements, she showed us how to connect with the pillar of light as well as how to use the sword of Michael the Archangel… continue


Encodements are basic energy structures that implement everything you planned for this lifetime. Here you’ll find a series of short articles explaining encodements and how to work with them. continue

12 Steps of Spiritual Growth

Amma has given 12 Steps for spiritual growth. Some are daily, weekly and monthly. You may find these steps helpful for your growth. continue