Remove Victim Consciousness

Removing Victim Consciousness
and Self-Hatred

Back in college I was listening to a talk by the priest who was leading a retreat. He made a comment which has stayed with me all these years.

"The problem with Love Your Neighbor as Yourself is that people don't love themselves and they treat others the same way."

Where does this lack of self-love come from?

Feeling unwanted
Abandonment issues
Abuse issues
Unavailable parent
Guilt & shame
Lack of success
Feeling unlovable

When you don't love yourself, when you experience self-hatred, that often spills over to others. You hurt others, feel terrible and then increase your sense of self-hatred. It is truly a vicious cycle.

When you experience self-hatred the  tendency is to feel the world is against you. You feel like a victim.

You're trained from a young age to listen to everyone else except yourself.

You may have learned you can't trust yourself and are at the mercy of someone else. This is the beginning of developing victim consciousness.

When you need someone or something outside of yourself to be happy you are in victim consciousness.

When you  blame others for the situation you're in, you are in victim consciousness..

The truth is you make choices which put  you in the situation you're in. No matter what has happened to you, no matter how terrible it has been, you are where you are because of choices you have made.

I'm not talking about the metaphysical choice of choosing what you wanted to experience in this life.

I'm talking about the choices you make in response to whatever  has happened in your life.

You've had tough things happen to you. Some may have been horrible. No matter what happened you had choices to select how to respond.

You can choose to allow something to affect you for the rest of your life or take the knowledge you acquired and make your life better.

Victims stay stuck in the pain. They move into self-hatred.

People of power move past the pain and tap into their strengths.

Join me for the Group Encodement Intensive to release Victim Consciousness and self-hatred.

We will release victim consciousness with roots in:

Release the victim consciousness you chose to experience
Time in the womb and birth issues
Family experiences
Relationships of all kinds
Societal expectations of powerlessness
School and work issues
Religious and governmental expectations
Inter-dimensional influences
Parallel, past and future lives
From all areas of your energy field
And much more...

 Although the call was in December of 2013, the downloads are ready for you. Listen and experience the peace and healing others have had.