It's Time to Have a Comprehensive Process to Repair Your Energy Field

You are buffeted around every day, all day. Emotions are coming at you and surfacing from within you.

The media wants  you to be anything but peaceful. Peaceful doesn't sell newspapers or cars.

There are pollutants in food, air and drink. Any of these can negatively effect your energy field.

This Group Encodement Intensive is one you will want to repeat on a regular basis. I would suggest you listen to the recording at least monthly to assist in keeping you balanced.

The following will be addressed... as well as whatever Amma brings up:

Chakras (all levels)
Core Star
Soul Seat
Earth Star
Pranic Tube
Meridians (through all layers of aura)

We'll also remove the following structures:

Thought forms

Join me for an intensive I know I'll be listening to often.

You'll receive the audio, handout and transcript of the recording.

The investment for this session which you can listen to repeatedly is only $47.00.

If you wish to pay by check please contact me for arrangements .

You deserve to have this powerful information. Sign up for it now.

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