Releasing Self-Abhorrence

How does an infinite being come to believe s/he is no good, warped, not worth anything?

To be able to play the human game, you have to forget everything about being infinite. You have to believe in every protein of your DNA you are finite.

The illusion has to be so "real" you have to believe it.

What better way to "forget" infinity than to believe you are, at your very core, flawed.

A few weeks ago (August 2014) a friend of mine and I were sharing our joint discovery of deep seated self-abhorrence, a word I hadn't used before.

When you look it up "abhorrence" is defined as a feeling of repulsion, disgusted loathing. A terrible and painful way to feel about yourself, wouldn't you say?

If you are repelled by yourself you will not want to delve into the depths of who you are. You will resist going deep within.

The "trick" is that it is deep within where your personal power, your infinity is hidden.

Piercing the muck of self-abhorrence is the key to opening the door to the magnificence of who you are.

In this Group Encodement Intensive we will be working with your Soul Self and the Encodement Technicians to dismantle this deeply held limitation to you recognizing your infinite self.

This will be an Encodement Intensive to repeat often so you can go through the layers of illusion hiding your magnificence.

Please join us for this powerful experience.

The offering of appreciation for this Encodement Intensive is only 47.00.

You may pay by Pay Pal or check.

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