Spiritual Development

Are You Ready to Speed Up Your Spiritual Growth and Expansion?

Because I do so many Encodement Intensives with people, as well as the group Encodement Intensives, I have freed myself more than I could have every imagined.

Sometimes the process is slower than I think. Then I look back and go, Wow!

This intensive will focus on all manner of beliefs, events (this and other lifetimes), fears, desires and more which hold us back.

We're even going to work with "friendly" implants whose sole purpose was to regulate spiritual growth so we don't scare ourselves.

We'll work with:

Your Pranic Tube
Your Soul Star
Your Soul Seat
Your Personal Individuation Point
Your Hara Line
Your Tan Tien
Your Eighth Chakra (and the others)
Your Ketheric Template
Your Core Star
 Your Connection to the Ultimate Divine Blueprint (Adam Kadmon)
 And Any Surprises Amma Has


You have the recordings, handout and transcript immediately available to you.

Let's do it!

If you want to pay by check, email me atCathy@AmmaTheDivineMother.com and I'll send you instruction.

You may pay through PayPal or by Credit Card through PayPal: