Strengthening Personal Boundaries

Balancing Your Personal Boundaries

Whenever you relate to someone, your boundaries are present.

Some people are very cautious making friends. Their boundaries are stonger than those who trust easily.

If you find yourself being taken advantage of frequently, you would do better with firmer boundaries.

If you have a difficult time saying, "No," it's time to learn how to do so and strengthen your boundaries.

There are several types of boundaries:

  1. Personal
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Relationships
  5. Energetic

For some, all their boundaries are strong. For others, they have strong boundaries in some areas but not others.

If you work in the healing area, you need to be sure of your boundaries. You want to be using Universal Energy and not your own energy. You want to be there for others, but you do not want others to be sucking your own energy.

In this Encodement Intensive, we will work with boundaries in all areas of your life.

I give you some instruction about boundaries and Amma makes some comments about them, also.

Then we work with the Encodement Techicians to adjust your Encodements in the various areas you may need them.

The adjustments cover all ages of your life, from the womb until now. We also make Encodement adjustments which may be needed from various relationships: parents, caretakers, friends and more.

Then, of course, we work on various dimensions, generations, past, future and parallel lives and more.

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