You Are Love Incarnate

You Are Love Incarnate

Since December of 2003, I’ve channeled Amma the Divine Mother. Her message has always been about love. We were created from love. We are love. We are love incarnate. As we live here on this wonderful planet, we are simply exploring how to come back into the knowing that we are infinite beings, love incarnate.

Amma has no judgment of anyone. I remember when someone in the audience was attempting to get her to say that there was something wrong with people who were homosexual. This individual used the Christian and Hebrew scriptures, various interpretations of history and other arguments to get her to say something negative about homosexuals. Finally Amma said, “You will never get me to say that something is wrong with one of my children.

At another time Amma was discussing her love for us. She was telling us that there was nothing we could do that would stop or rupture this love. She used several hypothetical scenarios to emphasize this point. What I most remember her saying is, “Do you know what I would do if you entered this room with a gun and killed everyone here, including this one I speak through? I would love you.

Amma love is unconditional. We are made from, incarnated from, the “same stuff of which she is. She is Love and we are, therefore, love incarnate.

Amma loves with no strings. We can do or not do whatever it is that we wish. True, we may discover there are certain ways of acting and thinking that would make life more enjoyable for us as individuals. Acting in any one way will not bring her closer to us…or distance her from us. Our actions only serve to open or close our hearts to her. She never moves. She is always surrounding us. She is always within us. We are always of her. We are simply discovering, or should I say, rediscovering, who we truly are. We are love incarnate and as love incarnate we are infinite beings.

Several times she has suggested to us that we might look at ourselves in the mirror and say to ourselves repeatedly, “I am love incarnate. She has also suggested that we speak the truth about everyone around us, “You are love incarnate. When I do this I am amazed at how my heart center quickens. I am also amazed at how my perception of another changes when I say, “You are LoveIncarnate.

A few words from Amma on this topic specifically for this WEB page:

Dear ones, I realize that for everyone reading this life has been, and may continue to be, difficult. There have been times, are times, and will be times when you feel unlovable and unable to give and receive love. There are reasons for this that have nothing to do with who you truly are. In fact, the Truth, notice it is with a capital  is that you are love incarnate. The material from which you are made is the same material, the same energy from which I Am, Love. Love is not a feeling that comes and goes. Love is the dynamic force of what you may call consciousness or universal energy or even grace. Each and every person, plant, animal, or “thing” that you see is made from this material called love. Love truly is all there is.

If Love is All There Is, then why is there so much pain and suffering you ask. That is a question we will be examining over time. Join us, if you wish. If you don’t, there is no loss. All you will be given is some intellectual information. The Truth is that you are love incarnate, an infinite being, and you already know all the answers.

Hmm, this is Cathy again. I wasn’t really expecting what she just gave me. It will be fun to see what she will be sharing with us.

I do suggest for you reading this, use every spare moment to declare the Truth, “I am love incarnate. You might even want to use your name. “I, your name, am Love Incarnate. When sitting in the car or bus, standing in line, people watching, look at people individually and say to yourself as a greeting to them, “You are Love Incarnate.