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Frick and Frack

Meet Frick and Frack... That's Frack on the Left

Aren't my little guys cute?

If you have fur-children, you know how special they are to me. We have a great time together.

Cathy, Frick & Frack in Sedona

In July of 2013 we moved to Sedona AZ. They love the dry weather there. Their skin is much better and they have a great time walking with me.

I regularly work with them using both Encodements and Body Talk. I give them excellent food and lots of love.

They're just 15 pounds each yet will take the entire king sized bed if I let them.

Frick likes to sleep under the covers by my feet. Frack prefers to be next to my side further up. Sometime in the night they both crawl out from under the covers.

My little Frack started developing some problems where he was not able to put his back foot on the floor when he walked. When muscle testing told me I needed to get him to a vet, I received some bad news.

My little guy has a genetic degenerative spinal disorder.

I have two alternative vets working with him, and Frick, also, since this is a genetic disorder. (I'm hoping preventative care will keep Frick healthy longer.) The care is working. Frack no longer has the problem with his leg.

The care is also expensive. He's receiving acupuncture, cold laser, chiropractic care, homeopaths and aroma therapy... oh, and herbs. Frick is getting the chiro care to keep him in alignment.

I was inspired (I wonder who gave me the inspiration smile to offer a tele-seminar on caring for animals. This would include a message from Amma.

We're going to cover:

Encodement adjustment for animals
The difference between wild and domesticated animals
The role of animals in the life of humanity
The power of the exchange of love between animals and humans
Energy balancing for animals
Listening to the messages of the animals
And who knows what else Amma with discuss

I invite you to join me in this special session. The Encodement process used is timeless.

You can use it on your pets and other animals you work with or see.

There is no transcription, but you can download the message and burn it on a CD or put it on your mp3 player.

You may sign up for it below or send me a check. (Email me about the check atcathy@odysseytowholeness.com)

The offering of appreciation for Amma's message is only 47.00.

You may pay by PayPal or credit card.


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