Encodements and Mother Earth

Encodements and Mother Earth

Know that Gaia has her own set of natural encodements. In addition she has artificial encodements and damaged natural encodements.

Predominantly the damaged encodements and artificial encodements are the result of the effects of humanity upon her encodement system. She gives permission for human beings to work with those encodements that are artificial and damaged natural encodements. Of course, she will only allow that which is in her best interest.

Know that she does do work on her own encodements. When you work with her you are affecting the encodements that are the result of the interaction of the human energies with her own.

You would do this in the same way you work with your own. In addition you would be working with her in the area of permissions and anchoring your energy.

You may ask, “Why does she not do her own encodement work?” The answer is complex. I will, however, give you a simple two fold answer. Be aware that the complete answer is much more complex than this. First, she does do her own encodement work. She has technicians that work on planetary levels just as you have those that work on an individual level.

Second, there is an agreement between her and humanity on how encodements will be handled. This is a direct result of her agreeing to be a vehicle for humanities growth into what many call ascension, the raising of your vibrations to the highest spiritual level you can on this planet. She agreed to this for her own spiritual purposes. (All souls agree to work with each other for their own spiritual purposes. They would not choose to work with you if your’s and their spiritual purpose did not align.)

WARNING, dear ones: This is powerful work and is of a great responsibility. Although Gaia will only allow the work when you are working totally from your heart, there can be unintended consequences. Remember chaos theory: the fluttering of a butterfly in Africa can result in a hurricane in the Gulf Coast of the United States.

A suggestion: Ask to be taken to an area where you have had an impact upon her encodements.

To work with Gaia’s encodements:

1. Do your own encodement work.

2. In your own work, focus on encodements pertaining to you that are directly about your relationship to her. This would include encodements regarding attitudes and beliefs about nature, plants, animals, the soil, water, mountains. Don’t forget your attitudes and beliefs that show up in your actions having to do with littering and pollution.

3. Go into the back of your heart center and be at the sacred space within you, your altar.

4. Spend time being in that space and accessing the peace within you.

5. Have a beam of energy come into your crown, down your spine and into the center of the earth. Connect your heart with her heart. Simply intend it and it will happen.

6. Ask her for permission to work with her on her encodements as they were added or altered due to your energies.   Wait for her permission. She will not always give it to you, but that will be rare. If she does not give it to you, ask if there is something else that you need to do, as in your own encodement work.

7. Call upon your encodement technicians. Ask for their assistance in working with Gaia’s technicians and her encodements.

8. Connect with Gaia’s encodement technicians. You will notice that her technicians have a different “feel” to them. Those who see will find they look different.

9. If you have a particular area in mind to work, ask if you might work in that area. If you do not have a particular area in mind, ask to be taken to the area she would most like your assistance. (Do to various energies, each person will be taken to an area that matches their energy.) If you do not have a particular area in mind, ask her where you might assist her.

10. Keep anchored within your heart and with her heart. This connection is important for the most effective work.

11. Know that, at this time, you will be working only on encodements brought about by humanity.

12. Go through the same questioning that you would do for your own encodement work. Ask Gaia if the effects of the changes are in alignment with her soul purpose and if she agrees to them. If she says, “yes,” then, in union with her, ask that it be done. You will only receive a clear message from her if you stay connected to her from your heart to her heart.

13. You might also need to find out the result for you and humanity and if it is agreeable to you. Just as any two beings, one may not like what is good for the other. These are the consequences of any action.

There will be more on how to work with Gaia’s energy at another time.

An example of encodement work with a specific purpose:
You are taken to an area where there is atmospheric stress that could result in a typhoon.

1. Are there any artificial encodements brought about by humanity that are present?

2. What would be the result of they were removed?

3. And then what would be the result?

4. And what would be that result? (Continuing asking questions of results until you feel satisfied.)

5. Ask Gaia if it is acceptable to her for them to be removed.

6. Is it acceptable to you? (This is a tremendous responsibility on your part.)

7. Ask that they be removed or not, as you wish.

8. Follow the same questioning substituting the words “damaged or altered natural encodements” for the words “artificial encodements.”