Encodement Testimonials

Encodement Testimonials

I did the encodement exercise at an AMMA channeling. I did one about removing any blocks to my having a romantic relationship with a certain man. It turned out that the largest block was coming from his teenaged daughter, and it was not time to do anything about that. She was not ready. I asked that they be activated in her when the time was appropriate. Interestingly enough, within a couple of months her attitude toward me changed enormously, and the relationship between me and her father took a big step forward.


My first experience with the power of the encodement work came in January 2004.

At the first session we did work with our encodements. Amma asked that we go into our heart centers, and choose an aspect of our lives that we wished to work on. I chose to work with maintaining my connection to spirit. We called in the encodement technicians, and asked that artificial encodements be removed, misfiring encodements be fixed, and that any new encodements that could support the change be put into place. I went home feeling a renewed sense of spirit.

Within the next couple weeks, a family crisis came about. My step-father was close to passing, and mom was simply unable to cope on her own. Clearly, change was needed. I realized that in the middle of a very stressful situation, I was feeling completely connected, clear, and calm.

I began doing energy work on my step-father, which helped to make him more comfortable. I talked to my angels, and asked for their help – without attachment to outcome. Within the two weeks of my stay, we agreed on the need to move, found a small apartment in a lovely retirement home, and moved in. We were able to literally relocate their home in a flash – with them leaving their intact living room at the old house in the morning, and arriving at their intact living room at the new place after lunch, personal items in place and pictures on the walls. I returned home 2 weeks later – journey complete! Spirit was clearly at work.

The next big piece of encodement work I did, Amma again asked us to go into our heart center, and again choose an area we’d like to work on, this time something visible or measurable. I immediately chose my weight – an issue I hadn’t been happy with for some time.

I grew up skinny, never caring what I ate. After marriage and children however, the weight began to sneak on (actually it wasn’t nearly so subtle about it). I found myself a large lady, a place I wasn’t accustomed to being. I half-heartedly struggled for 14 years. A month before this particular session, I had been called to give up meat – not for any strong moral or philosophical reason, I simply lost my taste for it.

With Amma, I asked to manifest slim and trim from neck to bottom – certainly a goal that was visible and measurable. We again asked the encodement technicians to come in and do the work. Within weeks, the pounds just began falling off of me. I made no conscious change, no diets. I simply continued doing what I was doing, with smaller portions and no hunger. I never weigh myself, so there was no measure of change until I noticed that my clothes were literally falling off my body. I figured I had better go buy some pants that fit, which is when I realized I had gone from a size 18 to a size 10 in 6 months. No wonder my clothes were falling off, and people were asking which diet plan I had started. They wouldn’t believe it if I told them!

These are 2 major shifts that have resulted from my work with the encodements. There were other sessions, and other changes asked for – so many in fact, that I’ve forgotten what I had asked for on most occasions! However, my life is humming along beautifully now, with changes I’ve needed to make for years coming naturally, and new things synchronously showing up. Life is good!

From a channeling session before Amma came in:

Guest: All of the experiences I have had doing the encodement work have been incredibly powerful. I was working on was just staying more connected as I go through my life. Right after that particular channel, I had the occasion to go to Pennsylvania to help my 85-year old mother move out of her home of 50 years. She really wasn’t ready to do that. The whole situation was just so miraculous. I ended up flying to Pennsylvania and within two weeks, we had come to an agreement that she needed to move, found a place for her to live, and got her moved into it, all very smoothly. It was obviously divine intervention. That was my first experience with encodements. This really works.

Amma had us do an exercise where we were to choose something physical about ourselves, something measurable, something we could noticeably measure. I immediately said, “Okay, I am slim and trim from shoulders to hips.” The results have been amazing. I have done nothing else consciously. My eating habits have changed effortlessly and weight has just been falling off me. I mean it is getting embarrassing. I walked into Whole Foods the other day and a person asked me, “What are you doing? I mean, are you doing the South Beach diet or the Atkins diet?” And I said, “Let me tell you about this Amma channel thing.” (Laughter) It has just been no conscious effort whatsoever. … The pair of jeans that I was wearing when I started this exercise was a size eighteen and I ended up putting on a size twelve the other day. I wish I could say I have consciously done this and I’ve been starving myself, but I haven’t.

Cathy: Just from here to here.

Guest: We are still working on the trim part, but the slim is happening. It’s really been exciting.

Cathy: I haven’t seen you in a few weeks and you really are slimming down. Has the way you have been eating changed,too?

Guest: It has changed completely. But again it hasn’t been a conscious change. I haven’t said that I am going to do this…or I am going to do that. I have just completely changed what I have been eating. It hasn’t been an effort. I have never felt deprived in doing it. It is just amazing. Whereas in the past, I have done countless changes with eating plans and diets. It has all been very frustrating and didn’t have much of an effect. I don’t know. The encodement work is magic.

Cathy (to another guest): Would you mind sharing? I want to let people know more about encodements.

I did encodement work on neuropathy and the pinched nerve in my back as well as the pain in my toes. After that session I really haven’t had any more pain or problems with that. I can barely feel a little bit there. It is nothing like it was and then the pain moved over to my back and hip. I worked with the encodement technicians and the pain went away. It came back about a week ago. I asked the encodement technicians if an artificial encodement had been installed and they said, “Yes.” I asked them to be removed. The next morning the was gone.

I had an interesting experience with it because when I was working with the encodements, I guess in meditation, all of a sudden I could see a television screen like it was downloading a program, all these numbers just going by. It was almost like they were downloading certain encodements. It was very interesting.–Steve in Houston, Texas, USA

Cathy: Has anybody else had any experiences they would like to share?

Cathy: I will share my latest experience. I was talking to the encodement technicians about food and body, and I got a very clear message that I needed to eat as little meat as possible – actually they said vegetarian. That was just before I left town last weekend, which is difficult because the person I was staying with uses chicken, beef, etc. in her cooking. In the past week and a half, where I would usually need some meat every other day, I only had some fish and little bits of chicken she couldn’t get out of the soup. Something is happening and I am eating a lot less. It hasn’t been an effort. I also do Body Talk. I know the encodement technicians are doing something and something is happening in Body Talk also.