Power Codes

Power Codes through the Blessed Robert Pettit


I have had this information for a number of months, but, for whatever reason, have not been motivated to publish it until now. This information did not come through me. It came through Robert Pettit for me and can be shared with all of you. Amma spoke of these power codes in one of her messages.

I make three suggestions:

First: Download the information from Dr. Robert E Pettit regarding the Power Codes. Right click here to download the PDF.

Second: Order Dr. Pettit’s two books:  ” Physical Body Ascension To The New Earth – Instruction Manual ” and ” Wake Up For Ascension To The New Earth – or Leave ” You may get both of them at Amazon.com.

Third: Read what Amma says about the Power Codes:

Dear Ones, There is nothing any clearer than  the field of mathematics. When you say “9” there is only one thing a “9” can represent. There is no interpretation to “9 apples” or “9 pieces of chocolate.”

The power codes relate directly to  what you may call Sacred Geometry. There is a vibration to each number in the code. This vibration has a specific effect upon whatever you apply the vibration to. The beings who assist with the Power Codes know exactly what the numbers mean and now how to use them.

When you are given the Power Codes, you are  given specific vibrations to apply to the physical. These vibrations bring the altered physical vibration of the organism or object back to its perfect vibration.

Use these codes with the sacredness with which you would say a prayer. By that I mean to use them with full awareness and concentration. Be fully present  within yourself and with your intention.

My blessings, Dear Ones.

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