Benefits of Encodement Work

Benefits of Working with Encodements

Ahh, the benefits of working with your encodements are many.

When you have the encodement technicians remove artificial encodements, your life in that area will be smoother and easier. Artificial encodements were not originally in your encodement system. In other words, you did not agree to have them in place for your life plan. Artificial encodements almost always make things more difficult for you. They are the energy imprints of energy vibrations from thoughts, feelings and beliefs of those around you…and from yourself.

If you keep believing that you are unworthy, you will develop an artificial encodement that puts out the energy of being unworthy. The same is true of poverty consciousness, not being lovable and other such areas. By removing the artificial encodements you will be removing the blocks to the energy of self-worth, poverty consciousness and the like.

Once the artificial encodements are removed, you must change the thoughts, actions or beliefs which put those encodements in place. If you do not you will simply create those same artificial encodements. Yes, you may ask to have them removed again. You may do this as many times as necessary. Learn to control your thoughts and feelings as well as learn not accept discordant thoughts and feelings from others. This will speed your process.

Discordant energies can damage or alter natural encodements. By having these natural encodements repaired you will find the energy of life flowing more freely.

Sometimes needed encodements have not been activated for one of many reasons. If the natural encodements are there you can ask that they be activated. In addition, you can ask if the encodements can be “fine tuned” to enhance their purpose.

At other times encodements that you had originally planned to use may, due to free will choices by you or another, be no longer needed. Their activation can interfere with where you are now in your life. Having these encodements deactivated can greatly assist your ease in life. This is especially true when one you planned to spend your life with is no longer available due to your choice or theirs. This is true for anyone that was originally planned to play certain roles in your life, i.e. friends, partners, children.

You can also choose to ask the encodement technicians to place natural encodements within you to facilitate certain areas of your life. Perhaps you need more ability to access and assimilate information, organizational skills, etc. Feel free to ask for that which you believe you need. Remember to always ask what the result would be if this were done. You can go back and ask that encodements revert to the way they were, but you cannot change any consequences that resulted from your request. Also, remember that the encodement technicians will not do anything that violates your soul path.

Due to the changes brought about by the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, those of you born before that time had few encodements beyond the year 2000. The Harmonic Convergence changed the direction of the planet. The direction was changed from death to life! Although you have some encodements extending beyond the year 2000 for a “just in case” measure, you have very few compared to what you have for before that time. This is why many of you feel rootless or as if you are drifting.

You can work with the encodement technicians to “fill in” the missing encodements. This will better facilitate what you are doing now in your lifetime. I do suggest, however, that you work with someone who has had some experience in working with encodements. This is not to be done lightly. Every change has a reaction in all areas of your life. You may not want some of those reactions if you had known about them before hand.

I repeat: Although you can revert or change in another direction the work you had previously done on your encodements, you cannot change the consequences. If you ask for the encodements to become a multi-millionaire an unintended consequence could be losing those you love. Is that what you want?

You cannot ask too many questions of the encodement technicians about the consequences of the changes you are asking. Your questions must be specific. They will only answer the questions you ask in the way you ask them. They rarely will go into the unintended consequences unless you ask them. They will not tire of your questions! You had many more questions of them before you incarnated than you know to ask now.

The last major change you can do with the encodements is develop a new life path. There are now people on the planet who have finished what they came here to learn but have chosen not to leave. They don’t want to miss the excitement of what will happen over these next years!

Developing a new life plan is a complex enterprise. You are reincarnating yourself in your current body. I suggest you get help from one of the few who work with encodements to assist you in this area. If you are confident in your listening to me, to the encodement technicians and your own ability to see the “big picture” of your life, feel free to work in this area.

By the way, the question to ask before you move in this direction is: Have I completed the soul path originally intended for this life time? Only when you get a resounding “Yes” do you want to work on developing a new soul path. If you get a “No” you may work with the encodement technicians to help you move more easily forward in the area of life lessons. You can choose to learn these lessons as easily as possible.