Encodements and Mental Illness

Encodements and Mental Illness

Dear ones, mental illness has several causes. The first is a chemical imbalance, which begins in the womb. These are your most severe mental illnesses. You could say that severe mental illness is, in many cases, a congenital abnormality.

A second cause of mental illness is chemical imbalances brought on by drugs and alcohol. These drugs may be what you call “recreational” or prescription. Any substance, which changes the energy in the body, affects encodements. That could be almost any substance, could it not? Let me reserve the comments in this paragraph to drugs and alcohol. There is an energy which brings imbalance when alcohol is used to excess and with most of your prescription and recreational drugs.

There is more of an imbalance with the recreational drugs in places where such drugs are illegal. The reason is not because they are illegal, but the intent and beliefs of using the illicit drugs that amplify the energy altering effects of the drugs.

Another cause of mental illness can be substances that are meant to assist, such as vaccinations. An individual can have an allergic reaction, if you will, which will result in an imbalance in the energy. The energy imbalance, depending upon the degree, can alter encodements.

Any allergic reaction can cause an imbalance that will alter encodements. If the encodements are in the areas which affect mental functioning, mental illness can result.

Other causes of mental illness are belief systems which keep the bio-chemical nature of the individual imbalanced. When one is continually told he/she is not love, the individual believes that untruth. (This untruth is often affirmed by the individual.) The vibration of not-love goes through the body affecting the encodements. Encodements are very sensitive to the vibration of not-love.

There are also natural encodements for mental illness because an individual chose that path for a particular soul purpose.

Let me explain what happens. Encodements determine the flow of energy. If there is an over abundance of energy, the encodement can be damaged. This will precipitate a change in the chemistry of the individual. The quality of a person’s thoughts is affected by their body chemistry.

Encodements also have direct relation to the energy centers of the body as well as the meridians. Any energy center or meridian thrown badly off balance will result in dis-ease, mental or physical.

How to work with encodements and mental illness

Working with the encodements of those who are mentally ill is a difficult enterprise. Just as a majority of the mentally ill do not believe there is a problem or do not wish to be on medication, they also do not believe or wish to do encodement work. You may also offer them the work.

You may lead them through the same process you would lead yourself:

1. Are there any artificial encodements

2. What would be the effect if you released them

3. Is that effect acceptable to you

4. Ask that it be done or left alone as the case would be.

You would then go through the same 4 steps for damaged or altered natural encodements.

Be aware that any changes in encodements in those already suffering from severe imbalance could either assist in them coming to balance or cause unintended consequences that could result in other problems.

The best way to work with these beautiful beings is to do the encodement work on yourself as outlined above. You would then support them by intentionally sending love energy of a vibration that would support them.

If you are caring for one diagnosed with mental illness you would assist them greatly by giving them a diet free from preservatives, hormones, genetically modified foods and any other additives. It would also be best to not combine more than one food and one seasoning at a time. There are chemical reactions to any combining and those with chemical imbalances are extremely sensitive to such combining.

Dear ones, strive at all times to stay in your heart and to accept those struggling with such emotional and mental fluctuations. They and you are dearly held in love.