Side Effects of Encodement Work

Side Effects of Encodements

The side effects of encodements can be many. In the allopathic community, side effects are usually thought of as a negative-something you don’t want. I would like to speak of side effects without a label of negative or positive. One person could interpret a side effects as negative while someone else could view it as a positive.

Encodements change the way your energy is organized. For some people, the process of change results in feeling more tired for a bit. Others feel a deep peace with the change. Still others may feel sensations in their body that they may not be comfortable with. Others may see that they are viewing life differently.

Before the encodement change you were used to life flowing in a particular manner. You may have liked it or not. The important concept is that you were used to it. It was “comfortable” or “expected” that certain things would happen. With an encodement change, there is often a change in your life. You might be attracted to people, activities, groups that you were not attracted to before. You also may find those that you were once attracted to of no interest anymore.

An example. If you ask for encodement work to be done to facilitate your being in the flow of your natural prosperity and abundance you could experience several results. First, prosperity may come to you more easily. For prosperity to come you would find yourself attracted to people who are prosperous. You may find those not prosperous unattractive to you. The result would be a change in social groups. And what would then happen?

Those who you are no longer attracted would say things such as, “He’s only interested in money.” “Look at her. She gets some money and she gets rid of her old friends.” Those comments are difficult for anyone to handle. Are you ready for a complete change in your social structure if you become truly abundant?

Why would this happen? When you change your encodements you will change your energy structure. To tap into your natural abundance and prosperity, your energy MUST change. It is natural law. Your energy would now attract abundance, not repel it. You will be attracted to those who have similar energy. In other words, you will feel energetically more comfortable with those who are also comfortable with abundance and prosperity. You will feel energetically uncomfortable with those who repel abundance.

By the way, one does not need to have great physical wealth to have the energy to attract abundance. There are those who easily attract abundance yet have no interest in having the physical displays of wealth. It depends upon the energy individuals emit. One who is totally neutral will neither attract nor repel an energy until they make a decision on what to attract. For example, one is neutral on physical goods. That one then decides a need for an automobile.   The energy is emitted for the car and the car comes. Abundance is experienced. On the other hand, if that one emitted energy for a car and then sent out contrary energy that a car would not come, poverty would be experienced.

This same principle works in all areas of your life. No matter what you ask for in encodement work, your energy will change. Some people will be attracted and some people will be repelled. This is why you always ask for the consequences of any encodement work.

If you wish to be thorough in establishing consequences you would ask the following questions:

What are the consequences for me in general?
What are the consequences for me in regards to my marriage/partnership/family/friends?
What are the consequences for me in regards to work/living?

Ask as many questions as you can.