12 Steps for Spiritual Growth

12 Steps of Spiritual Growth


1. Upon awakening, breathe in and out from your heart center. State affirmations prayers and invocations.

2. Ask for a word, sentence or image to hold in your mind & heart for the day.

3. Visualize your day happening the way you wish it to happen.

4. For yourself and every person you see, state: Ah, there is love incarnate!

5. Be Conscious and Aware.

6. Bless your food. Thank it for the gift of its life given that you might live.

7. Ask healing for yourself and others involved in a discordant situation.

8. All events are gift. Recall and give thanks for all events that day.

9. Ask that you and your loved ones be filled with all the love needed that day.

10. Before sleeping, ask to be wrapped in love. Release all artificial encodements acquired that day.


11. Spend an hour in meditation.


12. Take one full day for that which gives you joy and life.

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