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The Power of Encodements

Introduction to Encodements

You have the opportunity to simply and easily remove blocks to attaining what it is you wish in life. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If you follow simple instructions on how to contact beings known as the encodement technicians you can change the way your life is going. continue

A Message from the Encodement Formulator

Amma introduces the Encodement Formulator who is in charge of the entire encodement process. He is responsible for those who work under “him” (“he” has no gender) and is greatly expanding the number of Encodement Technicians who are doing this work. Enjoy his message. continue

Benefits of Working with Encodments

When you have the encodement technicians remove artificial encodements, your life in that area will be smoother and easier. Artificial encodements were not originally in your encodement system. In other words, you did not agree to have them in place for your life plan. continue

Working with Your Encodements

Dear Ones, encodements are very simple to work with. There are only a few basic “rules”. continue

Basic Format for Working with Encodements

Here is a step-by-step procedure for working with your encodements. It distills the previous message into basic steps. continue

Side Effects of Encodement Work

The side effects of encodements can be many. In the allopathic community, side effects are usually thought of as a negative-something you don’t want. I would like to speak of side effects without a label of negative or positive. continue

Clearing Low Vibration Energy and Emotions Using Encodements

Amma talks about energy and your power to create it through your thougts and emotions. She discusses how to clear the low vibration energy you create. continue

Encodements and Mother Earth

Learn how to assist Gaia by working with her to remove artificial encodements and repair the damaged or altered ones. continue

Encodements and Mental Illness

Metal illness has several causes. The first is a chemical imbalance, which begins in the womb. These are your most severe mental illnesses. You could say that severe mental illness is, in many cases, a congenital abnormality. continue

Encodements: Personal Spirituality and Free Will

Before incarnation you decide what it is that you wish to experience. Only when you come into the physical do you “forget” that all learning is spiritual remembering. The “forgetting” is part of the process allowing you to “remember.” continue

Testimonials of Those Using Encodements continue