Clearing Low Vibration Emotions through Encodements

Encodements and Clearing Low Vibration Energy and Emotions

Dear ones, Never forget that all is energy. Remember that you direct energy intentional or unintentionally.

What directs the energy? Your thoughts, emotions and feelings, of course. Almost all humans direct energy unintentionally. This is done with uncontrolled thoughts and feelings. The intentional direction of energy is with the conscious and deliberate direction of your thoughts and feelings.

Energy can leave you, surround you or penetrate you. All energy has an effect upon your encodements. They are energy, also, and are affected by the energy surrounding them.

If you wish to clear the low vibration energy and emotions causing havoc in your life you must do three things: 1. Clear the artificial encodements that result from the low vibration energy 2. Repair any natural encodements that were damaged or altered. 3. Change the way you think and feel so that you only send out and attract high vibration energy.

The first two are simple. You simple need to contact the encodement technicians and ask that this be done. To be sure that you do this, allot a time you can work with the technicians. Just before sleep is an ideal time. Simply ask that any artificial encodements you acquired that day be removed.

If you wish you may ask the effect of that removal However, the removal of “new” artificial encodements will not have a tremendous effect upon you. It they remain for a long time, then they will have an effect upon you as they remain and when they are removed. There is little reaction to the body if you remove a splinter from the finger immediately. If, however, you allow the splinter to remain until it festers or forms a callus, removal will have a more long-term effect.

You will discover that if you do your encodement “housecleaning” on a regular basis, you will have greater ease in your life. Artificial or damaged natural encodements will not cause a festering or “callusing” if removed immediately.

The third item, changing the way you think and feel is the most difficult and the most critical. Using housekeeping as an analogy…Dust flies everywhere if there is a dust storm and you do not close the window. If the window is closed, there is still dust, but you will not need a shovel to remove it!

Your thoughts, emotions and feelings will affect your encodements. When their vibration is contrary to the vibration of the encodements within you the result is damaged or altered natural encodements, or the creation of artificial encodements. The less you control thoughts and emotions the more housekeeping you will need to do.

If you have only the highest vibration thoughts and feelings, then your encodements will be operating superbly and according to pre-incarnational plan. If you have lower vibration thoughts and feelings you will create from within yourself artificial encodements. You will damage or alter natural encodements. In addition, and this is critical, you will attract to you energies of the same vibration as you are sending out. This is another way of explaining the concept of karma.

When you send out higher vibration energies they will naturally nullify or repel low vibration energies. The world can be in turmoil, yet if you stay deep within your heart and think only high vibration thoughts and choose high vibration feelings, you will not be affected by the turmoil. This is what is called “the peace that passes understanding.”