Working with Encodements

How To Work With Encodements

Basic Guidelines

Dear Ones, encodements are very simple to work with. There are only a few basic guidelines.

First, for the most part you can only work on one human person’s encodements – your own!

The exceptions: you may work on the encodements of your own child if s/he is not yet six years old. In addition, if you have a child who is not going to develop beyond the emotional age of six, then you may work on that child. In all cases, you will connect on a soul level with the individual and ask if you may work with them. If you get a “No” then you may not work on them.

You may ask permission to do encodement work on those who are no longer able to ask for their own work. This means those you are connected to on a soul level who no longer have conscious control of their mental faculties. These people can have some kind of dementia or be in a coma.

Note that the “requirement,” is to have a “soul connection.” Soul connections are not always with those you know personally. They could be individuals that you do not have a conscious relationship with but do feel a soul connection.

Second, you may ask to work on the encodements of any non-human being. This means animals, plants, minerals, buildings, machines, and so forth.

Third, you may ask to work with Mother Earth, Gaia, to work with her on her encodements. Again, if you are not clear as to “yes” and “no” answers, do not fret. If the work is in line with her soul path, the encodement technicians will make the adjustments. They will do nothing if the request is not in line with the Soul Path.

Fourth, you may act as a guide or facilitator for others who wish to do encodement work.

The encodement technicians will not do any work on you or another if that work is not in accordance with that person’s soul path. If you are not sure whether you received a “yes” or “no” in asking for permission to do encodement work with another, you may connect with the encodement technicians and ask for changes, but they will do nothing against the soul path. It is on the soul level, not the “little” ego level in which encodement work is done.

The Encodement Technicians

The Encodement Technicians are beings who work with encodements! Isn’t that simple. If you wished to have a computer program written, you would go to a programmer. If you wish to work with your encodements, you will go to the encodement technicians.

The Encodement Technicians are the ones who worked with you and your teachers to develop the “program” to facilitate having the life experiences you wished to have. If your plan was to be a Christian in the United States you were given encodements to enable you to live within that culture. If your choice was to be born a Christian and experience Islam through conversion, you would have encodements for Islam. These encodements may be dormant or inactive until there is an energy, which “triggers” them.

You have encodements that will facilitate whatever lessons in whatever mode you desired to learn them. That does not mean that all goes according to plan. There is the “wild card” of free will. Your own free will or that of others can make certain encodements obsolete. They may still be active causing confusion. This is an area where the encodement technicians can assist you.

Contacting the Encodement Technicians

Simply enter your heart center from the back. Move deeply into your heart center until you come to your altar or sacred space. Ask for the encodement technicians to come. Sense their energy.

Have in mind what you want to work on.   Whatever it is ask the following questions. (They usually, but not always, are asked in the following order. If you sense that the order needs to be different, please follow your intuition.)

• Are there any artificial encodements contributing to…..?
What would happen if these encodements were removed?
Once you receive the information you may ask to have them removed or do   nothing.
• Are there any natural encodements that have been damaged or altered are   contributing to…?
What would happen if these encodements were repaired?
Once you receive the information you may ask to have them repaired or do   nothing.
• Are there any natural encodements that are inactive which are contributing   to…?
What would happen if these encodements were activated?
Once you receive the information you may ask to have them deactivated or   do nothing.
• Is there an adjustment to my encodement system which could help…?
What would happen if these encodements were adjusted?
Once you receive the information you may ask to have them adjusted or do   nothing.

(There is one other question about natural encodements, which were placed within you before incarnation. Asking to change these encodements has far reaching effects and should not be entered into lightly. This will be discussed more in another section.)

Whatever change you make in your encodement structure results in a change in the way your life runs. There can be unintended consequences to any change. You can always go back and have the change reversed; however, you cannot have the consequences reversed. This is crucial to remember. Working with encodements is not do be done without serious thought.