Introduction to Encodements

Introduction to Encodements

The Encodement Pathway

You have the opportunity to simply and easily remove blocks to attaining what it is you wish in life. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If you follow simple instructions on how to contact beings known as the encodement technicians you can change the way your life is going. If you like how your life is going you can assist in making your life flow more easily.

You are made of energy

Energy is what you are made of. Energy is what moves you forward or holds you back. Most reading this information will be very familiar with the aura, chakras and meridians. You area aware that blocks in any of these areas can result in physical, mental and emotional blocks in your own life.

Encodements put your life plan in motion

There is an energy system that is foundational to your aura, chakras and meridians. This foundation energy system is known as the encodement pathway. Each of you made a plan for what it was you wished to learn in this lifetime. You did this in consultation with your Master Teachers. This plan was developed for most reading this message in broad outlines. Younger less experienced souls put great detail into their plan.

Once the plan was made and you were incarnated you then “forgot” the plan. The game is no fun if you know how it is going to turn out! In addition, if you “knew” what was supposed to happen you would get in the way of what it was you wanted to learn. The end results of your life was not what it was you were to learn. The process is what contains all the learning.

Have you ever wondered how each person is able to find their path if they each “forgot” what they were to do? The answer is very simple. You met with a group of beings known as the encodement technicians. These beings take great delight in placing energy circuits or encodements within you that will be triggered by events, energies and circumstances in your life.

Encodements are energy circuits

The encodement pathway will have encodements, or energy circuits, which will attract you to certain people, places, countries, professions, and anything else you can think of. The encodement pathway will also repel you from certain situations. Others will simple be neutral so that you have no emotional charge whatsoever.

As you go through life encodements will be activated producing an energy attracting you to certain situations. This begins while you are in the womb. If your plan was to learn how to overcome the effects of abandonment or rejection, you would have an encodement that would be activated in the womb if your mother did not want you. Those of you attracted to music may have had encodements activated for music simply by hearing music in the womb.

Natural and artificial encodements

There are three basic types of encodements: natural encodements placed by the encodement technicians before you were born, natural encodements placed by the encodement technicians after birth and then artificial encodements.

The natural encodements placed before you were born are according to the plan you had before incarnation. The ones placed after birth are done from a soul level during sleep, deep meditation, while consciously working with the encodement technicians, or when you are in an unconscious state such as coma.

Artificial encodements are formed within you by the energies of the world. These energies are known as fear, jealousy, anger…anything that is not-love. In addition, anything that is not-love can damage or alter encodements.

You and the encodement technician can change your encodements

You can change your encodement pathway simply by connecting with the encodement technicians and asking certain questions and asking for certain changes. Artificial encodements can be removed, damaged encodements can be repaired, encodements no longer relevant can be removed or turned off. You can even have new encodements placed within you to enhance the direction you want to go in your life.

The revelation of the encodement pathway and how it works is not widely known. You will have the opportunity to learn how to work with your encodements and to teach others how to work with their encodements.