Balancing Karma Intensive


Who Else Wants to Balance the Karma in Their Lives?

Do certain issues keep presenting themselves in your life? Do you think karma, from this lifetime or another may be playing a role?
  • Do you struggle with compulsions?
  • Do you get kicked in the teeth repeatedly?
  • Do the same problems keep popping up in relationships?
  • Are your financial issues karmic?
  • What role does karma play in your health?
  • Is there such a thing as balancing karma?
  • Can you release karma easily





When I have several people at the same time asking me if we can balance karma, I believe Amma may be speaking through them.

I'm listening. Let's ask for the release of karma in our lives.

Amma guides and directs

Amma the Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God. She and Abba, Father God, are the creative forces of The Universe. Amma shares with me strategies to assist you (and me, too) in handling the energies of the planet.

Works with your Encodements

Your Encodements are your smallest energy structures. They make up everything, even molecules. This workshop, called an Encodement Intensive, joins amazing Spiritual Beings to co-create with you the strengthening of your energy field.

A process you can use repeatedly

You will receive a transcript of the Intensive, as well as a recording. With these tools you will be able to repeat the Encodement Intensive as often as needed for a stronger energy field quickly and easily.

You work with the creative process

You will work with your Healing Team, Angels and Guides, Spiritual Support System and your Soul Self to co-create your energy field. You are an active part of the process while you allow your Healing Team to adjust your energy field.

Amma talks about karma

Amma the Divine Mother will give us a message about karma. Many people misunderstand what karma is and the nature of karma. It isn't always negative. Knowing more about karma will assist in balancing karma in our lives.

Karma is about growth

So many people have the mistaken notion that karma is punishment. This view is a limitation and engenders fear. One life is not a punishment for the mistakes of another. Each life is a different experience moving us to expansion.

Karma is about balance

Have you noticed life is about balance? Karma is also about balance. We yearn for balance. The question is, "Does balance have to be painful?" Let's ask Amma an our Healing Teams to assist in bringing balance with joy and ease.

Karma can be a group process

If you've done much past life work, you have noticed that you experience many lifetimes with the same souls. You each take different roles. The group energy of your Soul and Monadic Families also plays a role in karma.


Be Open, Listen, Allow

You don't need to know anything... just allow.
Don't be concerned if you know little or nothing about Encodements. Release yourself into the hands of your Healing Team. They will care for you. They will do what you need. Simply open yourself to the healing which is waiting for you.

After this Encodement Intensive you will find your life flowing more easily.

  • Go to the source of karmic issues
  • Pull in the "good" karma to assist in this lifetime
  • Release the energies binding you to what you no longer need.
  • Release Soul and Monadic Family karma
  • Tap into the wealth of energy in your Soul and Monadic Family

Join live or access the recordings. All are powerful.

You can simply read the transcript if you wish.
Don't worry if you can't be on the call or you missed the call. You have access to:
~ Video

The work done is inter-dimensional.This means we address influences from this lifetime, other lifetimes and spiritual energies as well.

Even if you listened to this Encodement Intensive 100 years frrom now, it would still be in present time for you.

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The call was wonderful and ready for you to access immediately


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Everything is recorded. You won't miss a thing if you aren't with us Live.


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