Integrating the Divine Feminine
We've been told this is the time to integrate the energies of the Divine Feminine... Amma has a different perspective...
In this recording of a live workshop..
Discover Amma's surprise disagreement about the incoming energies
Receive a greater explanation about the energies which have been flooding the planet since the 1980s.
Teaching by Dr Cathy is followed by Amma and an Encodement Intensive


You Receive Two Healing Sessions
This workshop was for people who were familiar with Amma's work and those who weren't. Amma adapted her teaching for both groups. You don't have to understand everything she says to receive healing just like you don't have to understand how an engine works to drive a car.

Discover what you're not being told about the incoming energies

Discover how your specific gender is affected by the energies

Experience healing of past lifetimes which are making life difficult

Learn the simple way to receive the love you need but wasn't given to you

Listening to Integrating the Divine Feminine
Will Enable You to Quickly and Easily Assimilate the Incoming Energies...


Integrating the Divine Feminine Is a Combination of TWO Separate Experiences.
There was a Friday night session with Amma in which she gave us more information about the energies flooding the planet. She also took us through some healing exercises. The Saturday workshop took us deeper into healing the blocks preventing us from more easily assimilating the powerful energy which is shaking us up from the complacency of the status quo.

The Energies are here whether you're ready or not
There is a plan for this planet and you are part of that plan. That's why you're here. The incoming energies are for everyone. It doesn't matter if you believe or not. You can be spiritually connected or spiritually unaware.

The energy flooding the planet is raising all of us to a higher vibration. Are you ready?

Change is difficult...it can be easier
You and the rest of the world are used to living life in a particular way. You've become complacent. I've become complacent. We've all become complacent.

The "new energy" is shaking everything up. Amma gives us tools YOU can use to make it easier for you. Listening to the Encodement Intensive in this workshop can release your resistance to the change which is coming whether you're ready or not.


Experience healing over lifetimes...
There is no time... all time is NOW!
What a paradox. Amma will quickly take you through a process to heal your masculine and feminine natures over lifetimes: past, present, parallel and future. All you need to do is accept the healing. You can then listen to the Encodement Intensive as many times as you wish to heal more deeply than you knew was possible.
Receive access to the recordings NOW
Those who came to the full workshop paid separately for the evening session and then the day session. You get them both for one low price.


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