EI Accepting What Is

There Is Power in Accepting What Is
This Encodement Intensive Assists in Increasing Your Energy and Activating Your Power by Accepting What is Happening in Your Life and the World...
This Encodement Intensive Will:
Change and balance your Encodement System to release the resistance to acceptance
When your Encodement System is balanced you will be better able to chart your personal path.
Unleash the energy you're wasting on non-acceptance and use it to change what you can
Increase your level of trust in Spirit and The Universe.


Why Are So Many Having Difficulty with What is Happening in the World Today?
Yes, the world appears to be in chaos. Your job, however, as a spiritual person is to keep your balance in the chaos. There are things you can do to make a difference. There are problems you can do little about. Battling against what is saps your energy and prevents you from discovering what action you can take and then following through.

Are You:

Unaware of the fear and frustration of others

People have a tendency to live in their own world and associate with people who think in a similar manner. People have difficulty understanding the fears, frustrations and concerns of those who think differently.

Shocked by the differing beliefs

It's not unusual, when you think the world is one way, to be totally shocked, disillusioned and even depressed when you discover a large group of people believe differently.

Upset or grieving when family and friends have different values

When others act in a way which you interpret as invalidating you, you feel kicked in the gut. You may feel in danger and wonder, "How could they not understand?" You may question yourself.

Confused about Spirit's Plan

You have believed the messages that the world's changing. You thought all was going to be wonderful. People were going to love and respect each other. You forgot the discordance had to be revealed for healing to occur
This Encodement Intensive will assist you in accepting what is happening in the world at large and your life specifically


Suffering Comes from Resisting What Is Happening in Life
If a wall is in front of you, you're going to hurt yourself if you go through it. When you deny what is happening in life, you cause pain and suffering when you resist what you can't change.

Begin with acceptance
You may not like what is happening in the world or in your life, but if you battle against something you can't change, the result is more pain and suffering.

When you accept what you cannot change you unleash the power to find a different path. What is present will not go away. You can only find a way to cope with it, adjust to it, or find a way around it.

If you battle against what you can't change, you use up valuable energy you could spend on a new path or solution to what is happening in your life.

Trust yourself
Life isn't easy. There are things which happen that cause you to wonder if you'll be able to live through it. Everything that has happened in your life has given you skills and wisdom. When you're faced with your worst fear, it's time to tap into the strength hiding within you

This Encodement Intensive will assist you by removing the blocks which prevent you from recognizing your personal power. You can then utilize the strength, power and courage you've been building throughout your life.


Be Not Afraid. Trust Spirit.
The Spiritual Path is about acceptance, trust and growth. This is a journey. It's easy to trust when all is going your way.

This Encodement Intensive will remove blocks to trusting Spirit. We'll work with healing the wounds over lifetimes in which you felt betrayed by Spirit.

OK… But How Will We Do This?
Encodements are your smallest energy structures. I will be guiding your Healing Team in repairing Damaged and Altered Natural Encodements as well as Removing Artificial Encodements... these are the ones that don't belong in your Encodement System


MY Healing Guides will give me directions to give to YOUR Healing Team. Your Healing Team consists of your Soul Self, Bodysoul, Encodement Technicians, Soul Healing Angels, and Amma's Healing Friends.

Your Healing Team Does More than I Ask

Your Healing Team knows the complexities of what needs to happen for YOU. Everyone is different. Your Healing Team Personalizes my instructions to fit your needs. They are here to support you in healing what you wish to heal.

Healing Occurs Over Lifetimes

Your Healing Team searches out the wounds which have occurred in any lifetime: Past, Present, Parallel, and Future. There really is not time so all is happening in the NOW. As they heal the pain over lifetimes, you become stronger. You have greater access to the wisdom you've accumulated.

Healing is Interdimensionl

Energies across lifetimes and across dimensions affect you. What is happening with you is also influenced by your Soul and Monadic Families. Your Healing Team makes it easy to balance and heal in all these ways.
Accepting What Is Encodement Intensive Will Help You in All Areas of Your Life
When you accept that a situation won't change, or that a person won't change, you open yourself to amazing possibilities. You have the opportunity to choose a new path.
Accepting What Is about Yourself

Three things happen when you accept yourself as you are. First, you no longer worry about what you can't change about yourself. Second, you are able to set a realistic plan for what you can change. Third, your mind is clearer and you can see where and what to do now.
Accepting What Is about Others

We humans are such fascinating creatures. We like people to be the way we want them to be. We resist others changing from the way they are. At the same time we want others to change according to our desire. That creates conflict.

It takes tremendous energy to change other people. No matter how anyone attempts to change another, it's impossible. When you accept people as they are, you have a choice: to continue as things are or to make something new for yourself.

In this Encodement Intensive we will work with your Healing Team to resolves those conflicts.

Accepting We Have Different Wounds

People have similar wounds but they don't all have the same wounds. People also have varying perspectives of their own and other's wounds. What terrifies you may not terrify another. Accepting these differences, even if you don't understand them, will free up personal energy and bring peace.
Accepting There Is a Plan and It May Not Be Your Plan

You are an infinite being having a finite experience. You had a plan when you came here and are living that plan. There is a plan for this planet. It's moving to higher vibrations, but certain things must happen. For the light to be revealed in its fullness, the darkness which dulls it must be released. Trust it is being done while doing your part to make it better.


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Healing occurs in layers. The more you listen, the deeper your healing will be.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I can't be on the live call. Will it be recorded?

You bet. Not only will it be recorded, you will also have it available as a video or audio. In addition, there will be a handout which will contain all the information you need to give instructions to your Healing Team to repeat the process as often as you desire.

Will listening to the recording be beneficial?

Wounding occurs in layers and healing also occurs in layers. Each time you listen to the recording your Healing Team will be able to remove another layer of pain. Some people listen repeatedly and report greater peace each time.
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