Isn't It Time to Release the Fear Holding You Back from Being the Love that You Are?

Are You Ready to Join the Ranks of Those Who Have Used This Simple Process to Free Themselves from the Limitations of Fear?

Any emotion you experience which is not-Love has its basis in fear ...
  • Jealously is the fear of not being loved...
  • Envy is the fear of not having enough...
  • Anger comes from loss and the fear you won't be whole...
  • Anxiety is the fear of what could be...
  • Fear is not being connected to Love...

When tapped into the Power of Love you easily move through the speed bumps of life. Remove the fear that hides the LOVE and experience the increase of JOY.

Experience the power of Encodement Intensives...

Amma guides and directs

Amma the Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God. She and Abba, Father God, are the creative forces of The Universe. Amma shares with me strategies to assist you (and me, too) in handling the energies of the planet. She guides me in developing the Encodement Intensives.

Works with your Encodements

Your Encodements, your smallest energy structures, make up the fear. Encodements are the energy basis of everything. In this Encodement Intensive, you will work with your Healing Team to co-create the removal of fear. We will ask your Healing Team to remove any Encodements which are holding in the fear energy. You will clear your path to having the life you most desire.

A process you can use repeatedly

You will receive a transcript of the Intensive, as well as a recording. With these tools you will be able to repeat the Encodement Intensive as often as needed for a stronger energy field quickly and easily. Every time you repeat this amazing intensive, you will release another layer of fear moving you into greater freedom.

You participate in the creative process

You will connect and work with your Healing Team, Angels and Guides, Spiritual Support System and your Soul Self to co-create the removal of fear. You set your intention and actively participate in the process to remove the energy of fear from your life. You won't have to know the source of the fear. You do, however, have to be willing to let it go.

Be Open, Listen, Allow

Keep your mind out of it... just allow.
No worries if you don't understand all that is happening. Your Healing Team does. They will follow my instructions and do exactly what I ask. You only need to give them permission and allow them to do what they do so well.
  • Remove Encodements holding in fear
  • Remove fear over lifetimes
  • Remove fear passed down by your family
  • Remove fear projected onto you
  • Activate powerful supportive beliefs

All is ready. Simply purchase, download and listen.

You have access to: all you need for your healing journey.

Simply download the material, open your heart, and allow your Healing Team to do their amazing work.

You will release layers of fear over lifetimes and dimensions.

Life will be easier and more exciting. By listening and reading you will learn how to remove fear whenever it pops up in your life.

You can begin releasing the fear holding you back from the life you want in minutes.
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