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The sexual act can be one of the most powerful activities you engage in. It can also be an activity which produces the most pain, frustration, disappointment and shame.

What makes the difference?

It's all about balance in the synergistic effect of the following:

How comfortable you are with your gender
How comfortable you are with your sexual orientation
How comfortable you are with touch
Your receptivity to being loved
Your ability to love
Religious views you absorbed
Societal views you absorbed
Familial beliefs
Sexual abuse (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

There are, of course, multitudes of experiences and beliefs which contribute to your sexuality.

The Encodement Intensive on Sexuality calls upon the Encodement Technicians to adjust and remove encodements affecting your sexuality.

Sexuality is a combination of your beliefs, views and comfortableness with the list above. Sexuality is much for than the act of sex. Sexuality is all about your comfortableness with yourself as a man or woman in every aspect.

This Encodement Intensive balances sexuality on all levels:

Past wounds

When you sign-up for this Encodement Intensive you will receive:

The audio of two hours of balancing
The handout which is an outline of the entire process
The transcript

Do yourself a favor and sign-up for this powerful Encodement Intensive.

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